Cruising is a fantastic way to vacation but may not be right for you every single year. That’s why we have developed the expertise to plan fantastic “land based” vacations for our clients.

Through our close relationships with the management of top hotels, resorts and all-inclusives worldwide we can offer you attractive value added amenities along with highly competitive rates.

And, if you want to save even more, we can plan and book a package that includes your hotel stay, airfare, transfers and rental car in the most popular destinations.

So, the next question is – Where do you want to go next?  This information may help you while planning your next getaway:

  • All-Inclusive
    • What does this mean and is it the right choice for me?
  • Couples Only – Mexico and the Caribbean
    • Some resorts are made just for those who don’t want kids around
  • Family Friendly – Mexico and the Caribbean
    • Resorts that are perfect for multi-generational travel
  • Sightseeing
    • Choose those day tours that fit your preferences and interests
  • Cultural Travel – Eco Tourism
    • For those who want a true cultural experience while leaving a part of yourself behind
  • Escorted Travel
    • Travel in style with an organized tour group, or on your own at your own pace.



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